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Benefits of international private medical insurance

What you can typically expect from one of our recommended solutions

advice lines

Whatever time of day or night, and from whererver you are, when you need healthcare advice call and speak to a skilled adviser in a language of your choosing.

Choose your
treatment location

Choose from any hospital or clinic allowable under your plan in your area of coverage.

medical evacuation

If you need emergency care in a remote location or where the medical facilities can't meet your needs, you will be repatriated to the nearest suitable care facility.

Cover for cancer and
other major conditions

All our plans cover cancer and other major medical conditions. The level of cover does vary but we can help you choose plans with higher benefits if you wish.

Medical support
around the world

You will have access to thousands of approved hospitals and clinics accross most of the world's countries so the care you need will always be available.

Cover that flexes as your life changes

If you take up residence in a new country, want to upgrade cover or add new dependents, our plans can flex around your needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between travel insurance and international private medical insurance?

Travel Insurance will cover medical emergencies when traveling. IPMI will include medical emergencies when traveling and also routine and planed hospitalisation and treatment. IPMI benefit-limits also tend to be higher than those offered by travel insurance and IPMI policyholders have a wider choice of medical practitioners.

How much are you likely to pay for international private medical insurance?

International private medical insurance is a premium form of health insurance cover. Most plans offer high overall benefit limits, in/out-patient cover, evacuation, cancer cover and many other individual benefits as standard. Plans are also fully transportable so you are covered wherever you live, work or travel.

I am moving to another country, can I keep my international private medical insurance?

Yes, provided this new country is covered by your current insurer. Also, your premium may be adjusted to reflect local medical costs.

I am suffering from a pre-existing or chronic medical condition. How will this affect my international private medical insurance?

Each insurance company has its own approach to pre-existing conditions and assesses each case individually. Insurers apply a premium loading, exclude the condition or may refuse. It’s best to contact your broker who will be able to find the best solution for your needs.

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